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How the CIA ran a ‘billion dollar spy’ in Moscow
06-07-2015 by - Leave a Comment

He was the most successful and valued agent the United States had run inside the Soviet Union in two decades. His documents and drawings had unlocked the secrets of Soviet radars and weapons research years into the future.   
Key Army commander accused of steering defense contract to former classmates
23-06-2015 by NineMSN - Leave a Comment

A key Army commander in the U.S. war against the Islamic State has been reprimanded by the Pentagon for steering a defense contract to a firm run by two of his former classmates at West Point, becoming the latest high-ranking officer to land in trouble for personal misconduct.  
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WikiLeaks dumps more Sony documents
20-06-2015 by - Leave a Comment

WikiLeaks has released 276,394 new documents from the hack of Sony Pictures in what could be a further embarrassment for the Japanese media and electronics group.   
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CIA torture appears to have broken spy agency rule on human experimentation
17-06-2015 by - Leave a Comment

The Central Intelligence Agency had explicit guidelines for “human experimentation” before, during and after its post-9/11 torture of terrorism detainees, the Guardian has learned, which raise new questions about the limits on internal oversight over the agency’s in-house and contracted medical research.  
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Clinton Cash Was First Bush Sr.'s Billions
30-04-2015 by - Leave a Comment

Buried deep in the collapse of the Soviet Union is George H.W. Bush's successful attempt to obtain the maximum amount of Soviet weapons-grade uranium.  
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The FBI Used to Have Integrity. Now Agents Lie, Cheat, and Break the Law.
29-04-2015 by - Leave a Comment

Does the FBI manifest fidelity, bravery, and integrity, or does it cut constitutional corners in order to incriminate? Can the FBI cut the cable television lines to your house and then show up pretending to be the cable guy and install listening devices? Can FBI agents and technicians testify falsely and cause the innocent to be convicted, incarcerated and, in some cases, executed?  
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One Man Connects the Dots Between the Gulf Oil Spill, UN Gun Confiscation and Mass Relocation of Americans
16-04-2015 by - Leave a Comment

The same person who oversaw the Great Gulf Coast Holocaust in which the Gulf of Mexico suffered irreparable harm, will also be in charge if and when millions of Americans are transported to FEMA camps if the Jade Helm drills go live.  
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